Azure and WAN public IPs

  • Hello all,

    I am trying to deploy a pfsense VM in azure and I am a bit confused with the set up.

    Basically I want to create a failover IPSec between Azure and my location.

    I am confused when I have first to configure the WAN interface. So, obviously the WAN interface will have an internal IP address that is translated to a public IP. So far, in my local cluster, the WAN interface has an IP address within my public IP range. Whenever I try to set up an IPSec, after I save the configuration, the connectivity is lost and I cannot any longer connect to the public IP address. How can I work with the public IPs there?

    Besides this, the internal interface belongs to a specific subnet and I cannot create VLANs that belong to anothe subnet and assign them to that specific VLAN.

    Does anybody know how to configure the Azure appliance? Do I need a NIC for each VLAN?

    Any help is much appreciated.


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