Help setting up Haproxy with google domain

  • I just registered for a google domain to setup haproxy on pfsense so I can access nextcloud, radars, sonars, plex, etc subdomain from my domain ( I am confused on what exactly I am supposed to setup within the DNS section for google domain. There is section for registered hosts, synthetic records and custom resource records (see below). I currently have a dynamic IP (from my ISP) and use for DDNS (which I have setup in Pfsense).

    So if anyone can help me figure out what section in google domain I have to setup to create subdomains to run a reverse proxy with Haproxy would be great. Also any guides I can follow to get all subdomain working would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks in advance

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  • At (which you have clearly found already) under the synthetic records section, change the drop down to "Dynamic DNS" then add a record for each sub-domain you want to google to send to your server. In the pfSense under the Services menu > Dynamic DNS, create a record for each sub domain you're using and enter the credentials provided by google. When you first enter them in pfSense, it will immediately test the domain ownership with google and show green if successful. On subsequent attempts, you can Save and Force Update for the same validation. Once validated, you can go back to the Dynamic DNS record in google and see your public IP address.

    Let me know if you have questions.

  • @InterLoper thanks for that, I found a guide online for HAProxy and it mentions that I need to create a ddns (so I created, then it suggests to create cname for each subdomain(so for plex, I have plex (for the name field), cname (for the type), 1H (for TTL), (for data field)).

    Will this way work too? or should I follow what you suggested, to create a DDNS entry for each subdomain (plex, nextcloud, sonarr, radarr, sabnzbd, etc)?

    Which method do you recommend?

    Thanks for your help

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