Can You Connect Unraid to Pfsense??

  • hi
    i been fiddling with my OpenVPN i can connect from Windows to PFsense fine

    i take the same config file and use Unraids OpenVPN Client and it usually locks me out of unraid.. or cant connect

    i googled if ti can be done didnt see what i want i looked up linux and it talked about Viscosity in the bundles but didnt help me enough...

    was wondering anyone got it to work
    what i wanna do is

    OpenVPN -connect <config file>
    Rsync (transfer data from one server to the 2nd one)
    OpenVPN - disconnect
    end the script

    has anyone done this or know how to do this and hopefully im not in the wrong forum heading to ask this question.. if so move to approperiate one please