OpenVPN inbound DNAT/Port-Forwarding

  • I cannot seem to find any guide or walkthrough on this yet, so if i missed it please point me in the right direction. I was able to configure openvpn client and NAT all outbound traffic out via OpenVPN from the LAN, which was my first goal. Outbound is fine. However when doing open port check tests from google I cannot see any traffic hitting my openvpn interface inbound. I am using LiquidVPN for the OpenVPN provider and when I VPN directly from the LAN host itself, inbound traffic works fine. But when trying to D-NAT/Forward inbound from pfsense i don't see any of that traffic in the packet captures. Does inbound OpenVPN traffic not show up in packet capture? Any help is appreciated on inbound port forwarding from OpenVPN to connected LAN hosts for PFS. thanks all.