OpenVPN client config bug?

  • Hi all,

    I just wanted to ask about this before posting it as a bug.  I create a client-specific configuration that pushes a specific IP to a client based on its common name, we'll say bobbyray.  Then, Bobby publishes a book and insists that we all call him Robert to fit in with his new urban image.  If I edit the config and rename the common name to robert, when I look in /var/etc/openvpn_csc, I still only see the file named bobbyray, and not a robert file, and I can still use the bobbyray certificate and get the bobbyray IP.  I have not yet created a robert cert and connected to see if that does anything to change things yet.  This seems like incorrect behavior and could lead to problems, especially if you're managing your clients privileges based on IPs or other things like that.

    Can anyone else verify, or is this is known issue?


  • I also just noticed that the client config is left behind if you delete the config.  If you disable the config, it removes the file, but just deleting it does nothing.

  • Huh… No one is willing/able to verify?  I'd hate to raise a bug just to find out that it's an existing bug or only in my config.

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