2.5.0 Success Stories

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    If you tried 2.5.0 snapshot and things worked well for you, post your experience here.

    If you have a problem with 2.5.0 snapshots:

  • I successfully updated a VM on a Windows 2012R2 hyper-v server from 2.4.5 snapshot to 2.5.0 snapshot. No problems at all. There are no installed packages.

  • @jimp I had no issues with the upgrade on my Super Micro C2758. I had the usual upgrade issue where I had to launch the nut configuration, then save the settings to sync via SNMP to my UPS. That's a standard when the package gets upgraded. No errors that I have spotted on a quick thumb through.

    Packages with upgrade that went fine: FTP_Client_Proxy, nmap, nut, snort

  • I used the 20190321 ISO to upgrade a 2.4.4 ZFS test instance running in VirtualBox to 2.5.0 ZFS by reinstalling and choosing to preserve the config, as this is how I'll probably upgrade my APU2C4 when the time comes. The process ran quickly. Packages were not reinstalled but I don't recall if they normally are when upgrading this way.

    Once I upgraded to 20190322 I was able to install the packages (System_Patches and ACME) via the UI.

  • Held off for a bit before making the jump to 2.5.0...

    I couldn’t get the update method to work via webgui using the sed command recommended, so went for a memstick snapshot and that was silky smooth.

    Rebooted into the ultimate fully-blown brown-trousers situation... It just locked up early in the boot sequence. Nothing in the forums, absolutely Stone dead. A quick bios reset to defaults seems to have cured it and I will have to investigate further as to what setting exactly caused it.

    Once booted and into pfSense itself, it was all good and I’ll be hitting up redmine in the next few days to see if what I can test.

  • Upgrade successfully from 2.4.4 and working well so for on a Qotom box.

  • I have upgraded from pfSense 2.4.4, and it went very smooth and very happy I did. The only issue I have seen is the interface WUI graphic...when I first upgraded, it was only LAN working...then, the next nightly update, no interface graphic works...the team is aware of it though. Waiting for the FreeBSD 12.1 to make it V2.5.

    My hardware is an Apple Mini server (2011) with a thunderbolt PCI add on with Intel dual i350. Packages are Suricata, Snort, pfBlockerNG-Dev, OpenVPN client export, and Ntopng...I will delete Ntopng only because I have a Mikrotik LAN boss.

    So, today I got my first crash report after upgrading Suricata...restarting the service resolved.

    Screen Shot 2020-01-17 at 11.46.50 AM.png

  • I was running version 2.4.4-p3 for the last few weeks on a Qotom mini computer with 4 NIC's and 4GB ram. I connect to my Bell ISP using PPPoE through a Home Hub 2000 and was having the WAN interface rebooting at least every day and sometimes twice a day for no apparent reason (at least I think it was rebooting, but the result was the modem was giving me a new IP address when this happened). It usually reconnected within 10 seconds, but occasionally I would have to restart pfSense. I tried a new Qotom computer, new RAM, fresh install of pfSense, swapping the WAN and LAN interface on the Qotom and nothing worked. My last resort was trying 2.5 and if that failed I was going to have to switch to a different firewall software. Well since upgrading to 2.5 it has been running fine for the last three days with no disconnects. The upgrade went smooth as well with no issues and it seems to have fixed my constant PPPoE issues.

    Glad I stuck it out with pfSense!

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