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  • I would like to add my physical laptop to my current virtual test lab.

    The working lab is pfSense, 1-3 Windows boxes, and 1-2 Linux boxes in VirtualBox. I use NAT to access my host with each VM connecting to a virtual switch. This works well with pfSense.

    The problem comes in to adding physical NIC. I have put the new NIC on bridge mode coming into VirtualBox. pfSense sees all three networks (NAT to host, virtual switch, and bridged NIC). From reading and brain storming it seems the best solution would be to bridge the virtual switch and the bridged NIC.

    I have bridged the NIC and the virtual switch and am at a point with limited connectivity. DHCP works, my LAN boxes are getting IP addresses, DNS, and gateway address according to the settings I have in pfSense. I am unable to ping any address to include the gateway.

    -I have added * for all firewall rules on all LAN side ports

    • I have changed Change net.link.bridge.pfil_member to 0. Change net.link.bridge.pfil_bridge to 1.
    • I have added both LAN and OPT1 to the bridge
    • All ports have been checked enabled
    • I have tried two different physical NICs

    I used this blog post to set up http://centosquestions.com/creating-bridge-lan-opt1-pfsense-firewall/

    Any suggestions would be appreciated, I have been working on this setup much longer than I had planned. It seems so easy but it just won't work.

    Thank You,


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