GUI Access from WAN (config issue on user end)

  • Have any options been added to access the GUI from the WAN?

    Ive tested from several locations and cannot reach the GUI on my testbox from its WAN address any longer after the upgrade.

    Other connections such as ping and connecting to port forward works fine.

  • LAYER 8 Moderator

    Just tested that, current snapshot of 2.5
    Made a quick rule on WAN to allow anything from a specific external IP -> worked as intended, login of UI shows up.

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    I access every test firewall in my lab via their WANs. It all still works perfectly. Nothing changed in that regard.

  • Just updated to the latest snap and still seeing this. Really a non issue for me as any production unit is accessed via VPN.

    I do use a non standard port (442) and have the routed package between the test box and my primary using dedicated interfaces..

    trace route-

    1 28.650 ms 16.196 ms 9.997 ms
    2 24.113.xx.xx 26.729 ms 32.734 ms 24.990 ms
    so I know the WAN address is reachable from my primary network..

    Further testing- Ive put my desktop behind this router and then Im able to reach it via its WAN interface address. So maybe my WAN rule got borked somehow.. Ill keep testing and see if I can nail it down.


  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    It must be something in your config. It isn't a problem for anyone else.

  • @jimp

    Yeah- I just pulled out a large hammer and set it in front of the router for it to see and then re configured it from almost scratch and its working now. Ill adjust the title of this thread accordingly.

    Loose screw behind the keyboard..


  • I was going nuts with this issue in my lab until the light bulb went off. I had left the block private networks checked.

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