PFsense VLAN on Hyper-v

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    I installed PFSense on my Hyper-V server using the built in 2 port Nic using port1 for Wan and port2 for Lan. I created a Vlan for internal users and and guest on Vlan 30 & 40 and trunked the port. Everything worked fine so I moved on to adding a PCI 4 port nic so I could use a port for Wifi (Unify AP) and another for connected devices using an un-manged switch. Everything worked when I just create 2 virtual adapters but when I add the 3rd virtual adapter, the Vlan's fail to reach DHCP server on PFSense. I even tried to trunk all adapters with no luck. Below are my configurations. I pretty sure it's PFsense related but can't be 100%.






  • LAYER 8 Netgate

    Packet capture on the hn1 interface.

    Do you see traffic for hn1.30 there tagged with VLAN 30?

    If not, it's Hyper-V. If you do it would be working.

  • what version of Windows/Hyper-V is it?

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