Intermittent connection wifi AP with Pfsense

  • hi guys newbie in pfsense here.My current set up is modem router set as bridge mode and connected to WAN of Pfsense.Pfsense handles dhcp. Lan port of pfsense connected to switch from switch the AP mode Asus RT-AC87U is connected.
    pfsense ip add
    Asus router settings
    asus ip add
    dns server
    default gateway
    now i'm having problem with wifi intermittent on connection there are times connected to wifi but no internet connection but with clients that are connected through cable have no problem at all..can someone help please..

  • If you can sometimes reach your LAN and sometimes not, it's not likely a pfSense issue. When you lose connection, do you still have an IP address? Can you not ping something on the LAN? What's happening or not that makes you think it's failing? A little info here would help, as my crystal ball is busted.

  • @JKnott thanks for the reply...when i lose my connection i have still my ip address...i can't ping on my pfsense ip address has time out when it pings but not totally disconnected coz there are some replies it's just request time out and not general failure... while lan(wired clients) are stable..some wifi clients are totally disconnected and when try to reconnect unable to reconnect error on wifi says unable to connect make sure etc.etc..etc..

  • LAYER 8 Netgate

    Sounds like a Wi-Fi problem.

    When you cannot connect, packet capture on pfSense LAN for the ICMP traffic and try to ping it.

    If the traffic is not there pfSense isn't getting it. It can only operate on traffic it actually receives on its interfaces.

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