Im doing it all wrong lol configuration must be wrong!

  • I'm going to bore you to death with this question lol
    I bet there are 1000's of the same question on this forum as well.

    So here we go:
    PfBlocker is the only package I use but I think I am setting it up wrong.
    As I am in the UK im always blocking the anti-corporations because of the spying.

    I bet its got to be something to do with the Lan?
    I came off my VPN the other day and could still get on the internet and the lists of anti-corp I blocked so all this time I thought I was blocking the world and getting out on a vpn and I wasn't blocking anything lol

    I think its a Lan thing as well as a Wan thing but I have no clue.

    Any tips on what I'm doing wrong?

  • Im thinking of jacking it in because I thought I was blocking the world from getting and spying on me, my plan was to block the world and only be able to get out on my nordvpn but I was on a site the other day that was blocked and I suddenly realized I was not on my VPN which means I am not blocking what I thought I was.

  • Maybe post some screenshots.

  • Good Idea I should have thought of that. ill try get some soon.

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