(solved)Multiple pfsense instances

  • Hello everyone.
    I have a production pfsense 2.4.4 on ESXi 6.5, with my WAN configured as pppoe(vdsl). The modem (vdsl) is on bridge mode. My WAN interface assumes my public IP, it's all fine.
    But now I've made a new vm with a clean install of pfsense 2.5-development to start evaluating and testing the changes, performance and etc. Since I configured my production box with pppoe, I can't do the same to the second box, and I can't use it with DHCP either. How could I get internet connectivity in my pfsense 2.5 box? I've tried using the lan interface online, and setting outbound proxy poiting to my production vm, but I can't get the system packages doing that. Any tips?


  • I've disabled WAN and added my production pfsense VM ip as a Gateway for my LAN interface on my test vm.
    Then I created a LAN rule on my production pfsense allowing all requests coming from my test vm ip.
    It's not what I meant in the first place, but for testing purposes, it gets the job done...

  • @do1984 Just saw this. Sounds like what I did when I was mucking with multiple physical pfsense boxes when testing. I set the WAN on the test box to DHCP on my LAN segment (already LAN, any, any) and just assigned a second private net range to the LAN port on the test box. No reason it would be any different virtualized.

  • it is the same ;)
    I have migrated Forefront TMG:s that way.
    The only thing is to allow a private IP on the wan if of the sub FW

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