LightSquid report per User

  • hi guys
    how can i configure LightSquid to report internet Usage per User ?
    LightSquid default configuration show internet usage per IP address.
    I use Pfsense CP to Authenticate user. and in squid access table i can see username who access to what


  • Which IP Resolve Method are you using? The default is DNS which I use, and my reports have the resolved hostname. For your case, try the Demo option.

  • thanks for your reply
    DNS IP resolving give me client device name. which is not usefull in my case.
    it is interesting that i can see username in real time monitoring (services\proxy server\real time\ squid access table) and in squid access log. "username=padmin"
    how can i have a report on username filed ?
    access log.PNG

  • Well, you only have the options listed in IP Resolve Method. If one of those doesn't work for you then I suspect you're out of luck.

  • hi @KOM
    unfortunately i did not find any solution.

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