Lots of in errors, slow wifi

  • running a qotom i5 with a AR9287 atheros
    alt text

    tried changing channels, not much of a difference. Pinging other devices on lan results in a 10-80

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    I assume you mean 10-80% packet loss? That's catastrophically bad!

    You have both antennas connected?

    You see the same even with a device very close?

    What do you see for datarate and RSSI in Status > Wireless?


  • its a 80 ms ping

    yes I do have both antennas connected, should I upgrade to 5 db antennas?

    the wifi speed cuts in half from 16 to 8 mb/s by going two rooms over, sometimes the wifi is up to 35 mb/s

    rate is 13M rssi is 28.5 on most devices, 21 on one.

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    Errors on the wifi interface are expected. Variation in ping time is expected but 80ms is very high.

    Signal strength between rooms can be massively variable, many factors to take into account there.

    You might try enabling antenna diversity or different antenna settings in the sysctls:

    dev.ath.0.txantenna: 0,1,2 (antenna port 0 or 1, both=2)
    dev.ath.0.rxantenna: 0,1,2 (antenna port 0 or 1, both=2)
    dev.ath.0.diversity: 0,1 (0=disable 1=enable)

    Just realised I didn't have that set. Seemed to help quite a bit here.


  • where do I edit sysctls? the console?

  • Netgate Administrator

    You can run it at the console directly to test:
    sysctl dev.ath.0.diversity=1

    To apply it permanently you can add it to Sys > Adv > System Tunables.


  • thank you

    antenna diversity takes my speed from 16 mb/s down to about 7 or 8

    so i have rx @ zero and tx @ 1 with diversity and speeds are about 15 with spikes to about 22-30, an improvement but lan speeds are currently 50 mb/s and the wireless device is right next to the wifi.

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    Hmm, I assume 22-30Mbps is the measured throughput?

    What connection speed do you see in Status > Wireless or on the client?

    That's a 300M capable card if everything is working right. Though it's unlikely you will ever see that in my experience.


  • 22 mb/s was a speed test done on speedtest.net

    I contacted the manufacturer and its actually a AR9565, which is about 150 mb/s

    the card i posted was an option I didnt add, sorry for the confusion

    heres the wireless status

    alt text

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    Hmm, and you still don't get more than 22Mbps even on that client linked at 130Mbps?

    I had a QCNFA335 which is based on that and had no issues with it. You probably need to do a local test to be sure you're not seeing a drop just over the WAN. Try testing with iperf between the client and a local server. You could run that on pfSense if you have nothing else but it's not ideal.


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