Redirection issue after voucher expiration

  • Hi all,

    I'm testing pfsense version 2.4.4p2 with captive portal. All is working fine but I have a little issue, maybe it's a normal behavior but I hope you can help me with a workaround. The "issue" happens after the voucher is expired due I can't achieve to redirect the browser back to the CP login page. The only way to achieve that is typing/browsing an HTTP site (not HTTPS). Is there any way to redirect the browser to the login page or to other page after voucher expiration?

    Thanks in advance!!!

  • Hi,

    When I use a voucher, and it expires, my device is removed from the captive portal firewall.
    My device 'looses' that Wi-Fi connection, so I have to re-select it to connect. (It's important to reconnect).
    I do see the standard login page again. It's like a first, initial connection and authentication.
    If the voucher has expired, I'm getting redirected to the "error login page" which is identical to to standard login page, with one extra red message line "Voucher expired".

    Btw : no need to browse to a "http" site to 'force' a login page to appear. The OS of your device should be doing that / discover all that for you.

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