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  • Hello everyone I wanted to know if there is any tutorial that explains how to filter proxy content with squid and squidguard and make sure that some IP addresses on the network are free to browse without filters and blocks
    I searched around but I can't find anything
    use PFSENSE 2.4.4 with
    WAN to internet (public ip)
    LAN to internal lan (192.168.2.x)
    VOICE to IP switchboard (172.18.17..x)
    OPT to other external locations (10.0.0.x)

  • Seriously? There are lots of posts about that in the Cache/Proxy forum. Google shows a lot of blogs with how-to's on how to. Try this:

    To have different rules for different groups, use ACLs (access control lists) and whitelists. It's on one of the Squidguard tabs.

  • hello thanks for the reply, yes I saw many posts that talk about this but in nessno I saw how to make the exclusions of a client, now I read your link, thanks a lot I'll let you know.
    P.s: I have already configured squid and squidguard and works perfectly proxy filter and access list block, now I want to exclude some LAN clients
    I'll update you, thank you

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