Controlling IPv6 or IPv4 Preference

  • I am running pfBlocker with DNSBL enabled, using DNS Resolver. After setting this all up I noticed my internet connection from the LAN would drop periodically and I would have to reboot the computer to get internet back. It happened a couple times while streaming a training presentation on Udemy. So not sure if it's something with that site or on my end.

    My DNS Servers are as well as 1 from OpenDNS & 1 from Google, but I do have Firewall Rules on the LAN using pfSense as the DNS resolver:

    I noticed the LAN interface setting for IPv6 Configuration Type is "Track Interface". It appears IPv6 is enabled. When I set up pfSense originally I don't remember seeing this "Track Interface" setting originally so I'm thinking pfBlocker must have configured this automatically?

    I wasn't sure if I should "Prefer IPv4 over IPv6" in the settings?

    Appreciate any leads. Thanks!

  • pfBlocker NG doesn't touch Interface configuration. Track interface doesn't mean you have IPv6 at all.
    Anyway lost connection and IPv6 is not related at all.

  • LAYER 8 Moderator

    Track Interface is default with a fresh installation as well as DHCP4/DHCP6 on WAN. If you didn't change it, it came from your setup. As @dragoangel wrote, pfBNG does nothing with interface settings at all.

  • @aljames said in Controlling IPv6 or IPv4 Preference:

    My DNS Servers are as well as 1 from OpenDNS & 1 from Google

    Strange combination....
    When you set DNS servers here :

    ... they are not used.

    By default, the Resolver uses the 11 main root DNS servers.
    Nothing else.
    OpenDNS DNS servers needs a special setup.
    Google DNS also.

  • What is this “Add DNS Server” feature for in General settings? What are recommended DNS servers. My goal is to have pfsense handle DNS. Hence, my firewall rules.

  • I think you need special IT guy to help you if you asking such base question. Really...

  • No worries, I’ll figure it out.

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