Godaddy Dynamic DNS Guide

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    In order to use Dynamic DNS with go daddy you must first generate an API key here and create a new API key ensuring that you chose production environment in the popup.

    GoDaddy API Creation Screen

    After this note the API key and secret.

    Then on PFsense go to Services/Dynamic DNS/Dynamic DNS Clients and select add.

    • On this page select GoDaddy as the service type
    • Select the interface you would like to monitor (most likely WAN)
    • Hostname: enter @ (or use a subdomain of your choice you must first create it on the GoDaddy control panel)
    • Domain name: enter your domain name
    • Username: is your API Key created above
    • Password: is your API secret created above
    • TTL : 3600 (1 hour is default with GoDaddy)
    • Description: Name as you see fit

    You should then have something similar to the following
    DDNS example Screenshot

    Mail Forwarding

    If you use the provided mail forwarding you will have to add the following MX Records in the domains DNS control panel on GoDaddy site

    New record

    Type MX

  • Is it possible to setup a wildcard using this method? On GoDaddy's website I enter * but in pfSense it is not a valid input. Thanks.

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