OpenVPN with Dual WAN Load balancing

  • Hello everyone,

    I am setting up a community Pfsense firewall, I have configured dual wan for load balancing, the dual wan and load balancing works perfectly, so I wanted to configure Openvpn, I did some research about configuring Openvpn with dual wan load balancing, and I found a tutorial which says that we can configure openvpn with dual wan by selecting the localhost interface in openvpn settings and configuring one firewall rule on each WAN with portforwarding 1194 and target redirect to localhost ( and I chose " Automatic Multi Wan IPs Port forwarding Target in exporting client setup, the issue is that when I am trying to connect the client to VPNserver it gives an error which says "Could not determine IPv4/IPv6 protocol. Using AF_INET6"

  • LAYER 8 Rebel Alliance
    Multi-WAN Tactics starting at around 40:05min.


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