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  • Hi,
    I been trying to find the answer to my problem but couldn't so I am posting this question:

    I have purchased a domain name with namecheap, at home I jave setup OpenVPN and its ready to go.
    The thing as everyone knows, you need a static IP to know where is my server at home, but since I have a dynamic ip address, I would like to use something like here.mydomain.com

    Where can I find a tutorial or someone to tell me the steps to setup here.mydomain.com so it shows my home IP address?

    the mydomain.com is already pointing to a website I have built. So a subdomain would be the correct decision to set as the true ip address of my OpenVPN server.

    Thanks everyone!

  • LAYER 8 Rebel Alliance

    Personally I use freedns.afraid.org and very happy with it. It's very robust and totally free.


  • Thanks Rico for the reply, I will take a look at it but it would be nice to make use of my own here.mydomain.com instead of some other domain.

    I had a while back but can't find it, once I find it again, I will make sure to make several backups on how to accomplish this :)

    Hopefully someone can tell me how to do it.

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    In Namecheap you have to enable Dynamic DNS for your domain:

    • Login to Namecheap
    • Open the Domain List
    • Find the domain in the list
    • Click Manage
    • Click Advanced DNS across the top
    • Next to Dynamic DNS, change the slider to enabled
    • Copy the random password it gives you

    On pfSense:

    • Navigate to Services > Dynamic DNS
    • Click + Add
    • Set Service Type to Namecheap
    • Set the Hostname to here and mydomain.com in the two boxes (host first, then domain)
    • Leave Username blank
    • Set the Password and Confirm to the random password shown in the Namecheap DNS page
    • Add a Description
    • Click Save

  • Thank you !!
    It works! Just for future reference, you will need to add the premium DNS in NameCheap to be able to get the Dynamic DNS option.


  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    You do not need their Premium DNS product for this. All of my domains using DynDNS are on "Namecheap Basic DNS" and it works fine.

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