Certificate revocation issue when using intermediate CA

  • Hi.
    I have a problem with certificate revocation when we use Intermediate CA.
    Our VPN configuration: Pfsense version - 2-4-4-RELEASE-p2
    CAs: Imported External Root CA (self signed).
    Internal created two Intermediate CAs (CA1 and CA2) signed by RootCA .
    OPENVPN instance parameters:

    Server mode - Remote Access (SSL/TLS + User auth)
    Server certificate - certificate of CA1 was selected
    Peer Certificate Authority - CA2 was selected
    Peer Certificate Revocation list - CRL of CA2 was selected
    Certificate Depth - TWO (client+intermediate+server)
    Our problem is: client can connect to VPN without any problem also when his certificate was revoked. (Instance of OPENVPN was restarted to take effect immediately)

    Any Ideas how can we resolve this problem?
    I will be glad to any hint.

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