Redirect to HTTPS as backend

  • Quick q,

    I want to set up redirection to HTTPS on a backend.

    Normally I set it up right in the frontend using ACL/Actions combos but I figured it makes more sense instead of listing what I what need and what I need passthrough, it'd be better to just add the passthroughs and send the rest to the default backend (that will redirect to HTTPS).

    I had the backend with the code already in the advanced section from an older setup, but, because this is coming from an old setup (and I started overwriting things before realizing it was already ready), I'm not sure what to set in the servers part.

    As I recall this is ignored, or mostly ignored. If the latter is true, should the server be pointed to a specific port or any will do? What should the working mode be?

    Screen Shot 2019-04-02 at 09.27.18.png

    Thanks !

    -- UPDATE

    Forgot to mention: this is for HAProxy. Thanks!

  • ...turns out ACLs are processed in order, just like firewall rules. My bad! 😅 Just have to keep a wildcard ACL matching a redir action just like before but at the very end of the ACL list, no default backend needed.

    I'm so stupid!--no wonder why I kept noticing the little blue anchors next to each entry. 😂 it anchor or anvil? 🤨 IDK anymore.

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