Traffic Graphs widget does not work on the Dashboard

  • Hi,

    Traffic Graphs widget worked great on the Dashboard, but after defining 25 VLAN interfaces in pfSense it stopped working and showing any traffic. At the same time under Status->Traffic Graph traffic is shown on every interface correctly, but when I go to Dashboard nothing is happening on the Traffic Graphs.
    After some reboot of pfSense the Traffic Graphs widget starts working for some time but most of the time it shows 0 b/s.
    It seems like the Traffic Graphs widget has some problems with bigger amount of VLAN interfaces present and stops working.

    Has anyone seen such a problem?

    Thanks for help!

  • @batng

    I have the same symptom : "Traffic Graphs" don't show any traffic; however I don't have any VLAN defined.
    Here's how it happened for me:
    -> I run 2.4.4-RELEASE-p2 (amd64) on ESXI on a Supermicro X10SDV-6C+-TLN4F/64G RAM.

    -> I was chatting with people online and all of a sudden I lost connection. Couldn't reach the internet, only local sites were reachable.
    I rebooted the pfsense VM and it worked for a few minutes and froze again. Rebooted, looked through the logs, could not find anything suspicious.
    I stopped pfBlockerNg-devel 2.2.5_22 and rebooted the VM. This seem to have fixed the internet access pb, however, the "Traffic graphs" no longer show any traffic.
    Reboot doesn't help, restarting php processes doesn't help.

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