On Restart no valid ip for Host

  • I run Windows 10 on Host and VM Ware Workstation with vm pfsense and vm windows 10. On a reboot or restart vm pfsense boots first and vm windows 10 on 1 min delay, All devices on lan get proper ip except Host.

    The only way I can solve no ip for host is to unplug lan cable to host when rebooting or restart and wait for pfsense to start then plug in the lan cable and I get valid ip right away.

    Please let me know if there is and easy fix I am overlooking.

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    Configure a static IP on the host.

  • I did a static ip from Windows 10 with Gateway (pfsense) DNS, - WORKS
    Thanks You.

    Static ip from pfsense MAC binding - DID NOT WORK

    Static ip from Windows with Gateway pfsense DNS pfsense - DID NOT WORK

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