Network Discovery not working on VLAN

  • Hi Folks,

    I am still figuring out pfSense and VLAN’s. The problem I’m facing is that I do not get Network Discovery working from LAN1 to the VLAN20. My situation is;

    LAN1: 10.0.0.x

    The VLAN20 is working properly and without problem so far. What isn’t working is network discovery. When run a IP scanner on the net and scan the VLAN20 it will not find any devices on the VLAN. I think the Broadcast is the issue because VLANs not pass Broadcast, right? For the record, IP scanning LAN1 finds every device on LAN1.

    Is there a way to get this working. Do I have to create rules on the VLAN? Already I’ve created one rule named “Default allow VLAN20 to any rule”. This is working cause all the devices on the VLAN20 can access the internet.


    Any ideas where to find the solution?

    Kind regards,
    Herman F.

  • How does that scanner work? If it uses ARP requests, it will never scan past the router to the VLAN. I don't think broadcasts are used for that these days as many systems will not respond to a broadcast ping. In fact, I just tried it on my network and didn't get a single response. There are Linux, Windows and other devices on my network and none of them replied. However, as you say, if they are, they won't pass through the router. Before we can advise you, we need to know how the scanning is done.

  • Hello @JKnott,

    Sorry for the late reply. Was verf bust with work.

    For scanning the network I uwe Advanced IP scanner. Software can be downloaded for free.
    When I scan the Vlan it only shows IP adresses in the whole range. Also when I use the Windows netwerking icon, I only see devices in the LAN and not the devices in the Vlan.

    Try to figure out how routing is done between Lan and VLan...

    Does this help?


  • @Herman said in Network Discovery not working on VLAN:

    Does this help?

    No, I'm not familiar with that software and it doesn't answer my question. How does it scan? You can fire up Wireshark or packet capture to see what's on the wire.

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