seperate networks for multiple interfaces

  • Re: Vlans No Switch? johnpoz you suggested completely different networks for better security i setup a second interface it has no ability to reach out im assuming it needs a gateway address or access to pfsense some how i have my default to any on both interfaces
    lan is
    3 vlans
    the network i want to get out is
    the only difference than the normal default rule allow lan to any is i have it forced out the wan gateway cause i have a whole home openvpn client running and instead of finding all sorts of rules and confusing myself i just force individual devices through that... The interface is enabled allow everything with that another thing is i kind of manually added NAT without being sure what im doing but I guessed that my interface since its on its own network needs to go to out so i pretty much coppied the and changed the interface from WAN to Server which is the name of the interface im trying to get working

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    @telescopedepth said in seperate networks for multiple interfaces:

    3 vlans
    the network i want to get out is

    No idea what you're talking about.

    pinging @johnpoz properly.

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    Yeah I have no idea what he is talking about either.. If your not going to use vlan capable switches, then yeah we talked about just different interfaces and native networks connected to their own switches, etc.

    If your going to force traffic out a gateway on the rules - then NO your not going to other local networks.

    Again DRAWING!!!! if you want anyone to understand what your wanting to do.