Adding Field to Captive Portal

  • We currently have PFsense setup and working well with a captive portal. We authenticate users to our IAS server with no problems. THe issue has come up though that we need to authenticate users outside of our local domain. In order for our IAS server to sucessfully identify the requsts for the external domain, we need the captive portal to send more information then just username and password.

    Is it possible to add another field to the captive portal form like domain? or to have a drop down box added to the form and combine the value of the drop down box with the username before its submitted?

    Any help would be appriciated.

  • JJ

    Could you just not add the text box and some client side java called form the onsubmit event of the form which appends the domain to the username?

    Something like this for the form

    <form method="post"  ="" name="GuestAccess" onsubmit="return DomainAppend(this)">

    Then something like this for the java script function


  • Thats exactly what what I did. I added a drop down field with javascript functions to change the user's domain based on the drop down field. I then set up the Radius policy to match certain domains and forward it accourding. All is working now.

  • JJ,

    excellent, glad you got it working



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