Openvpn server clients access openvpn client network on a pfsense server

  • Hello how are you? I hope you can help me, I have already tried several forum solutions but I have not been able to solve it yet.
    I must ensure that those who connect to the openvpn network server can access the openvpn client network The openvpn client brings several static routes by default (there are several subnets within it).
    The openvpn server clients access the internet and the server's local network, but not the openvpn clients' network.

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    Hmm I don‘t fully understand what you have there.
    Post more detail along with your config...and some network map would be great.


  • Hello! Thank you very much for answering.
    I would like that those who connect to my openvpn server ( is the ip that I assign them), can access all the routes that the openvpn client has (, when the openvpn client connects to the remote server create several routes within my server, I want to access all those routes

  • Can somebody help me?

  • Still hard to understand, what you really have there.

    As read this, you're running an OpenVPN remote access server with tunnel network, where clients connects to and access local networks.
    Further you have set up an OpenVPN client, which connects to a remote server and gets the virtual IP

    Now the clients of the remote access server should be able to access networks behind the client connection. Which networks?
    Are the routes set and are you able to access these networks from pfSense?
    Is that a site-to-site VPN or are the routes pushed by the server?

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