PFsense as proxy cache + filter + OpenVPN "behind" firewall DELL NSA 2600 Sonicwall

  • Dear colleagues, walking around the USA I think I made a bad shit (rsrs) I ended up bringing a note and found a DELL NSA 2600 firewall for a "bargain" and I ended up buying. The device has features that I can not say that are not useful, because for my case I will not use everything it has, but when installing here in Brazil I noticed that firewall features, NAT, ie the basics is free and everything else need to pay and it is not cheap rsrsrs.

    What you get here is:
    1- I have Gransdtream IP phone that I use for home office using OpenVPN and NSA 2600 so I researched does not roll OpenVPN, would it be possible to have OpenVPN on PFSENSE behind the firewall which is the NSA 2600 for these IP phones?
    2 - NSA content filter costs a fortune (for my pocket is a fortune) so I intend to use PFSense on a mini-PC that I have new here as proxy cache and content filter behind the firewall which is the NSA 2600?

    In this scenario I would have the NSA 2600 firewall playing the role of my network firewall here, including VPN 2 notebooks and together use PFSense in the proxy / cache + content filter + OpenVPN functions of the phones behind this NSA 2600 firewall.

    Scenario Possible? Viable? Or better pass this NSA 2600 firewall forward (ie I messed up rsrs in buying).

    I thank you for the attention of your colleagues.

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