Layer 2 Stretching VMware

  • Hi there

    So I`m having trouble setting up a certain scenario. I have two seperate VMware ESXi Cluster setup and I need to bridge an enivronement within a vApp for a Migration process.

    They need to keep their LAN IP, so first thing I thought of, was stretched layer with pfsense. I`ve setup everything like on these two site

    Setup 1
    Setup 2

    And I have connectivity and it works some times. But randomly the connection fails or packets get dropped. On each VMware site I have a VXLan setup that I am bridgin. I can see many ARP request going through. For a test setup I have a Windows Server on each side, connected to the same lan, as the PfSense. Sometimes if I leave everything running for some hours, it work flawlessly. If I restart it, I can see that ARP request are coming in many times. But sometimes, even if both machines have each others MAC address, a ping is still not successfull.

    I have promiscious mode activated on VMwares switches. But I can`t figure out why it is not working. Can anyone give some advice?


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