How to enable DNS resolution for hosts connected to pfsense from an OpenVPN client without forcing all DNS queries over the VPN?

  • How to enable name resolution of computers connected to pfsense ( when connecting remotely as a client (into

    What has been done so far:

    • Clean install of pfsense 2.4.4 + update to 2.4.4-RELEASE-p2
    • Set up OpenVPN a "Remote Access SSL/TLS + User Auth)"
    • Installed the "OpenVPN Client Export" package
    • Created users + user ceritifaces
    • Exported their certificates / config files


    • The OpenVPN client connects successfully onto the subnet however it does not resolve any hostnames from the subnet.
    • The OpenVPN client can SSH into machines on the subnet using their IP addresses.
    • Machines on the subnet resolve the names of other machines on the subnet using their hostnames only or FQDN format: hostname.localdomain.
    • Both Windows 10 and Android OpenVPN clients are not resolving hosts on the subnet.

    What needs to be done in order for a OpenVPN client on the subnet to be able to resolve subnet?

    The OpenVPN client can have high latency so ideally only the DNS queries for the subnet would be done over the VPN and all other resolutions through either the clients existing DNS or

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