OpenVPN Connect doesn't require "Password Protect Certificate", and shows warnings in logs

  • Hello,

    When exporting vpn files of user, I check "Password Protect Certificate" and password and then click "OpenVPN Connect (iOS/Android) to export config file. After that, I import file.ovpn in OpenVPN Connect in Android phone, it requires username and password, but doesn't require "Password Protect Certificate". It connects successfully without "Password Protect Certificate". Why it happens? Beside this. this logs appear in Systems Logs. However none of these happens when using OpenVPN for Android program.

    user 'username' authenticated [username] Peer Connection Initiated with [AF_INET] WARNING: 'auth' is used inconsistently, local='auth [null-digest]', remote='auth SHA256' WARNING: 'link-mtu' is used inconsistently, local='link-mtu 1549', remote='link-mtu 1521'

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