Arm Base Upgrade Issues (Watch Out)

  • @jimp As I was using both my SG-3100 and SG-1100 and was kind of sick of rebuilding them after the 2.5 upgrade, I am creating this post to condense them into one post and save people the headache.

    Upgrading a fresh SG-1000. All packages have been removed. No configuration besides skipping the wizard. "Upgrade.txt" is the output from the GUI. "SG1000.txt" is the console port output.
    Packages.jpg 2.5 Version.jpg

    I will be editing this in a moment to attach the SG-1100

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    It's the exact same error as the other thread. And it's not ARM-specific, it's happened to someone on Hyper-V as well.

    Locking this as it's a duplicate of that. No need for separate threads. The other one has more info.

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