pfBlockerNG and OpenVPN help

  • Hope this is the correct area to ask for pointers.

    Pretty new to most of this stuff. However, after some time, I've got a plain pfSense install running (non-VM) on a dedicated machine for routing/firewall purposes. I decided on this route, instead of spending hundreds of dollars on some "gaming" router to keep up with Gig internet. (My old consumer router was crapping itself with multiple users).

    So, the short of this is.

    Got pfBlockerNG working. All clients on physical network here at home, its working great.

    Got OpenVPN working (server). Got certificates created, user, and such. Using Android or Windows software, can connect to the VPN (obviously while off site) so these devices have access to my local network. Secondary reason for me wanting this working, so that my Android phones while out of the house, can VPN to my home network to take advantage of pfBlocker.

    Except. Its not working.

    Again, pretty new to how all this works, and the walkthroughs and such have been a tremendous help. Hoping maybe someone can help point me in the correct direction.

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    For DNSBL, ensure that the OpenVPN devices are using the pfSense DNS Server IP for DNS resolution.

  • @BBcan177

    How/where can I adjust this setting? Apparently I've been unable to find or do this myself.

    Again, pretty new.

    I see some advanced client settings under the OpenVPN stuff. I'll start playing with that. See what I come up with. :)

  • Thus far I can either break internet for the OpenVPN client, or still let ads through.

    I'm pretty sure this can be done, I'm simply not technically proficient enough to do this alone. :(

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