[Solved ]Site to Site Cannot ping from Server VLAN's to client LAN

  • Hello

    I'm trying to set up a Site to Site OpenVPN. The tunnel is up and seems to work (one way at least);
    I am on the client network at this time, an can RDP etc to the server VLANS I added in the remote networks box.
    But I am unable to ping (or any traffic) from any server VLAN to the client's LAN.
    I tried tracerouting the both sides, and traffic seems to go into the tunnel, only to be dropped then, but I cannot find any logs on the clients that drops the traffic in any way. I'm totally out of ideas. I will share as much of my setup as possible.

    Server config:
    alt text
    alt text
    alt text

    Server OpenVPN rule to allow everything:
    alt text

    Server State when pinging to the server from device on client network:
    alt text

    Client settings:
    alt text
    alt text

    Client OpenVPN rule to allow everything
    alt text

    Traceroute from client lan ( to device ( on VLAN that was added to remote networks serverside:
    alt text

    Reverse traceroute, so from to
    alt text

    The only reference in a log somewhere I can find from pinging from to is in the states of a rule on the VLAN gateway rule (serverside)
    alt text

    That specific rule is passing ALL traffic from that VLAN to everywhere:
    alt text

    Does anyone has a clue about my error? I'm unable to see it, traffic should be able to go from my VLAN -> Tunnel (server) and from Tunnel -> LAN (client), but it doesn't, so I'm doing something very wrong.

    Any insights in any way are very much appreciated. Thanks a bunch.

  • I found something more odd...
    I installed a webserver on the PC on the client VPN side (
    And that's perfectly reachable from the Server VPN side (, yet pinging doesn't work, but my rules apply to Any protocol. Thoughts?


  • LAYER 8 Global Moderator

    And firewall on the box your trying to ping? This is very common issue - users always forget about host firewalls.

    Example windows machine not going to let you ping it from network other than its local network. The very act of installing software on windows that serves anything up would prob ask the user installing if want to allow for that in the firewall, etc.

  • Johnpoz, you're totally right.. I connected an embedded Linux device (printer) to the network, and pinging works.
    So stupid of me, I was unaware Windows firewall blocks ping requests from other networks.

    Thanks a bunch!

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