State Table Optimization modes: What exactly do they do?

  • Hi all,

    I was looking to see what is changed by the optimization modes, and I wasn't able to find the files that made any changes based on these settings.  I see that the system_advanced.php file sets the option in the $config[…]['optimization'] variable, but who acts on this change and where are they located?


  • From the man page:
    _set optimization option
        Optimize PF for one of the following network environments:

    * normal - suitable for almost all networks.
            * high-latency - high latency networks such as satellite connections.
            * aggressive - aggressively expires connections from the state table. This can greatly reduce the memory requirements on a busy firewall at the risk of dropping idle connections early.
            * conservative - extremely conservative settings. This avoids dropping idle connections at the expense of greater memory utilization and slightly increased processor utilization.

    The default is normal._

  • Right, and I read that.  It also says these exact phrases in the Advanced Settings page, but I'm looking for specifics.  Aggressive says is expires connections faster… how much faster?  10 sec, 5 sec?  I tried to look through the page to find the answer mysql rather then troubling the fine people of this board, but all the php source shows is setting the variable, so I'm wondering who reads that variable and makes changes on it so that I can understand this better.

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