Any One knows about this NIC?

  • anyone using this card airlink101 AWLH6090 AWLH6080 & AWLH6070? are this card support AP mode in pfsense?

  • These devices are not listed in the FreeBSD supported hardware list at

    I can't find them in the Linux supported wireless devices list at (The only reason I use this list is to attempt to discover the chipset in a particular wireless device, then if that chipset is supported byy FreeBSD there is a fair likelihood the device will also be supported.)

    On it states these are  "wireless n" devices. No "wireless n" devices are currently supported in FreeBSD hence these devices are not currently supported in pfSense.

  • Well your in luck friend, i happen to have an interface on one pfsense labeled WirelessAirlink101

    WirelessAirlink101 interface (ath0)
    Status associated
    MAC address 00:18:02:xx:xx:xx
    Media autoselect mode 11g <hostap>Channel 11
    In/out packets 965309/1723343 (96.97 MB/2.05 GB)
    In/out errors 38727210/43
    Collisions 0
    Bridge (bridge0) learning

    Looks like the manufacturer per mac address info is MAC Company Alpha Networks Inc.

    I dont know if its the same chipset as i dont know how to tell the hardware name from pfsense gui, but its remarkably coincidental. I know the NIC was cheap but it provides good AP coverage.

    But i just read that other guys message and yes, its not an N nic. not sure why bsd doesnt support N though, its getting pretty common. Someone get theo on the phone!</hostap>

  • Thank you ipfftw:

    what model of wireless airlink101 you used?

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