Traffic from bridge interfaces to VPN not working

  • Dear all,

    I have configured a site-to-site VPN between two pfSense appliances.

    The Client connects to the Server and I see that the connection on the dashboard is establish.

    On the network where the Server is, I cannot ping the Client nor the client network.

    On the Server I have 3 interfaces:

    • WAN (ibg0)
    • WIFI (ath0)
    • LAN_IBG1 (ibg1)
    • LAN (BRIDGE0) -> which is the bridge between ath0 and ibg1

    From the "Diagnostic" of the Server I can ping the Client using as "Source Address" the following:

    • WIFI
    • LAN_IBG1
    • OpenVPN SERVER

    and I cannot from:

    • localhost
    • LAN
    • WAN (of course which is correct)

    Same from the Server shell I can connect to devices on the client network but not viceversa.

    The firewall has the following rules:

    • WAN: allow only traffic for VPN
    • LAN: anti lockout rule
    • LAN: all traffic from LANnet allowed
    • WIFI: no rule
    • LAN_IBG: no rule
    • OPENVPN: all traffic allowed

    What am I missing?
    Kind regards,

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