vlan not getting to vlan_wan

  • have Bell for internet using vlan35 with pppoe ( by passing the hh2000).
    using QOTOM Q106P-S08 Mini PC - Intel J3060 .
    using physical wan as vlan for pppoe vlan . have the opt1 interface as the trunk to the netgear gss108e-100nas.
    has a usb to rj45 adapter attached for lan ( using it as a management connection).
    can access the ineternet from the usb to the pppoe vlan and browse.
    the switch is is set as port 1 trunk with the vlans to the switch.
    so the problem is vlan30 can't get internet. anything attached to gets ip.from DHCP on pfsense. i have tried many rules and routes
    also seems that all the vlans are using the interface that there assigned as the gateway. not getting the pfsense as the default gateway
    dont know what i did wrong.
    I deleted the vlan_wan and went back with the bell hub for now until I can figure this out and as soon as I switched everything works.

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