Dynamic Selection of Outgoing VPN

  • I would like to create a setup where I have the ability to dynamically switch between one of several "always on" VPN clients. (To allow search from different geographic regions, and also to allow access to pages that might be messed up by the very aggressive ad blocker I run on the firewall.)

    I'm assuming that it should be possible to use something like firejail on linux that allows the creation of multiple bridged networks/static ips on a single nic.

    Is this possible? Any hints as to how I might go about doing it?

    I currently have one outgoing VPN client that serves my guest wifi - which is on a separate VLAN which has no access to the main network, but I have no idea how to go about selective routing from the main network based on IP address.

    I'm assuming that the strategy would be to do something like: -> VPN1 -> VPN2 -> VPN3 -> VPN4

    How can I set something like this up in pfSense?

  • @guardian Any hints/suggestions? I know how to set up and interface/VPN client... It is just the selective routing I need a hand with.

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