Working PF-sense, trying to set up LAN2

  • Hello

    I have used PF-sense for a couple of months now. Config:

    1 NIC WAN DHCP (my incoming broadband connection)
    1 NIC LAN (for my internal network)

    This works fine. Now I am trying to extend my FW with another NIC:
    1 NIC WAN, DHCP (my incoming broadband connection)
    1 NIC LAN, (for my internal network)
    1 NIC (OPT1) LAN2, (my neighbours network)

    I have installed the NIC för LAN2 and configured IP adress and DHCP server. I am able to connect my computer to LAN2 and get an IP adress, DNS, Default gateway. But now I am stuck! I cant reach any hosts outside my internal network. When I try to ping a host on internet I get the following message in the FW log: -> @73 blocked by rule deny all is my computer trying to connect to the outside world. I have set up an rule allowing all () from the LAN2 subnet to any () host. My first LAN is still working.

    It seems that I am a little bit stuck here. Any ideas?

  • Create a firewall rule allowing traffic under
    "Firewall" –> "Rules" --> "OPT1"

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