schedules (setting) not maintaining via a WAN firewall rule?

  • I setup a schedule for a WAN rule and it all functions fine...for a while. The problem is it clears itself from the rule and i have to re-enter it under the advanced options and re-save/re-apply. it seems to work fine for a while and then it magically disappears from the rule? i searched around and couldnt find an answer. Oh, and i have the schedule set for everyday for every month so its not an issue with certain days not being active. Could it be related to the pfblocker/geoip clearing it when updating since it's based off a geoip setting based WAN rule? Thanks in advance!


  • Possibly. Firewall rules don't change themselves. Something must be operating on them.

  • This post is deleted!

  • @Ev4nsp479 found the fix. geoip/dnsbl auto rules clear when updated, so you need to create an "alias rule" from the geoip list action settings instead of the typical allow/block in/out. You then create the firewall rule desired using the alias created from the geiop list and continue on from there with schedules etc. Then it maintains. The credit and thanks goes to BBcan for this!

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