OpenVPN server working even on the wrong interface

  • Has anyone else noticed that OpenVPN does not seem to care too much about which interface a server is configured to use inside of pfSense? I did some major config changes to a Netgate 8860 last Summer and I just noticed that there were several OpenVPN servers instances configured to run on OPT2 (previously a second WAN link) which were for branch office site-2-site tunnels. I never updated the interface on these after removing the backup WAN, but they have worked just fine. Not that it's a problem -- just curious if anyone has comments as to why. I'm speculating that the interface selection must have more to do with OpenVPN client instances rather than server instances.

  • @tmdnv1t

    I would expect FreeBSD is just operating as a router, as it should. No matter what interface they're configured on, they should still be reachable. Linux works the same way.

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