• Hi,
    i was wondering if someone could shed some light on what im trying to do. Currently have Site to site Openvpn working great no issue. what im trying to do on Site B i have a cluster on proxmox, the idea is that i want to take one of the servers to Site A, but the problem is that it has a different Ip from Site A, would it be possible to move that server to Site A and somehow keep the same IP and be able to communicate with the Site B with the site to site?
    im trying to wrap my head around it not sure if i need to VLAN on the edge swich or how could i approach this?
    See picture


    1. do i need to configure something special on pfSense a VLAN tag?
    2. would i need to configure something on VXLAN on pfsense or just on proxmox?


  • No. What would happen is that the system you moved would not be reachable. Even to talk to other devices on the same local network, it would have to pass through the router. But the router thinks that computer is at the other location and so will send all the packets to the other network.

    All devices must have an address within the network they're connected to.

  • thanks for the reply, as i was reading a tad bit the vxlan and transport i just dont know if pfsense has to do with anything