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    I've been reading through the forums but I can't find a solution to my problem anywhere. I've tried everything. Can you please provide me with some guidance. So as you can see i'm running a bare metal pfsense to switch, then to a 4 port intel nic on my host esxi machine which is running pfsense virtually. I assigned the nic to the virtual machine. To test if it all works I have the nic connected to a laptop to test whether i can get internet access from my virtual setup lab. What do I need to do to enable lan from the baremetal to the wan to the virtual pfsense so I can access the internet??

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  • Hi,

    IMHO : Add a second real hardware NIC to your ESXI host, and assign that to your VM pfSense as part of its LAN.

    Next best : your switch : change it for a VLAN capable, set it up to feed through the LAN of the bare metal pfSense to the WAN NIC to the pfSense VM. Setup it's LAN as a VLAN on the VM pfSense, being de-multiplexed by the same hardware switch to offer you some external LAN ports.

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    You have 4 port nic in your host.. And what vswitches do you have each port connected too?

    what part of this is confusing?

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