SOCKS5 via Dante needs to be present by default (see attached tutorial example)

  • I see requests and confusion here and there about pfSense's missing SOCKS5 facilities. This is a critical piece of software and functionality that should exist on pfSense. I'll give my usecase scenario to illustrate a more edge case scenario that makes it extremely useful:

    We pass all traffic on our network over privacy VPNs (this is a great tutorial). Unfortunately we find the domain exception section to be really burdensome. It is so much easier to just use a browser with an extension like Proxy SwitchyOmega to visit all sites that you want to use your ISP directly with.

    So, as an example, some forums or Netflix block VPN traffic and subsequently it can be tricky to hunt down all the domains that need to be added as rules and to top it off, what if you don't always want the rules to be executed? This SOCKS5 proxy to your actual ISP traffic is the BEST solution.

    It turns out that it's REALLY EASY (see this tutorial) to add Dante to pfSense, but you don't get the benefit of auto package updates. You also don't have the benefit of a quick little GUI within the system to configure it.

    I was able to get Dante SOCKS5 working within 5 minutes and routing traffic just as I wanted, but I'm frustrated (as are many others) that this functionality is not simply integrated into pfSense by default.

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