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  • Good morning, I have pfsense that receives ip from a router on the wan port and has ip 192.168.1.x. And the lan port is giving dhcp in the 172.16.0.x range to work with the captive portal. I need to put a device that will be connected on the 172.16.0.x network to communicate with the 192.168.1.x network.
    Any ideas?

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    Allowed IP addresses

    Allows managing a list of IP addresses which can either:

    Always connect from behind the portal (clients)
    Always allow clients to an IP address (external servers)

    These IP addresses will bypass the portal authentication in the direction specified.

  • Any device, ones authenticated against the captive portal, can access any device upstream.
    Rules on the captive portal's interface could block these, or not.

    Btw : thanks for the question : I just discovered that my captive portal users (on a OPT extra interface) could visit the GUI of my upstream router, the one in front of pfSEnse.
    It's password protected - but I don't want any rosks, so I blocked it with a firewall rule.

    Added to what @johnpoz said : you can also add the MAC of your device to the Allowed MAC address list.
    If your device is using DHCP it could have another IP in the future.

  • Thanks for the answer.
    I already have some computers configured by mac that passes the authentication.
    Currently I can ping but can not access network/devices.
    Any option with firewall rule without put a opt extra interface?

  • @tecnica said in Device to main network:

    Any option with firewall rule without put a opt extra interface?

    I'm using a dedicated (a so called OPTx interface) interface for my captive portal, because, by nature, captive portal users are 'non trusted' users, and they don't belong on a LAN interface.
    But a captive portal works just fine on a LAN interface.
    With a rule like this :


    devices connected to your portal can access your upstream router just fine.

  • image.jpg

    I have this, but doesn´t work.
    Is locked from LAN to a wan ...
    Do I have to put the last rule above?

  • Thank you, i change for the top end work. Now just need select the correct one for pass and block all others.

    Thank you.

  • Is it possible to configure the device with the 192.168.1.x range and pass the 172.16.0.x network to the 192.168.1.x network?
    It is a camera that is in the range 172.16.0.x and the recorder in 192.168.1.x.

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    what version of pfsense are you running?

  • I have running 2.2.

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    Yeah that is just FAIL!! 2.2 has not been supported for years.. Update to current!! 2.4.4p2, the whole 2.3.x line is not even supported any more.

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