Losing interfaces or not recognizing interfaces

  • I have a Lanner FW-7535F with six ethernet interfaces which until the 2.4.x releases were recognized as em0-em5

    I defined them as three pairs of fail-over interfaces, just in case one would get busted physically or electrically, so one could just move the cable over one slot, without reconfiguring anything (only need three interfaces, so it was that or letting them go unused).

    After the the 2.5.0 snapshot upgrade, the WAN interface works, somewhat magically, but none of the others. Even deleting the lagg interfaces, the underlying emX interfaces do not show up as available.

    Electrically they seem fine, the LEDs show the proper link speed recognized etc. but pfSense just doesn't see anything beyond em0/lagg0

    Any ideas? I may have to revert to 2.4.x until this is settled. A network device without network interfaces is beyond testing ;)

  • @rcfa I was forced to revert to 2.4.x

    However, since these are six ports, all with the same underlying hardware, consequently showing up as interfaces em0-em5, it is odd, that 2.5.0 would only recognize em0.
    Reverting back to 2.4.x resulted in all interfaces being properly recognized again, so it wasn't a hardware issue that happened accidentally concurrently with the software update.
    2.5.0 seems indeed to have an issue recognizing these interfaces properly.

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    What is in the boot log? /var/log/dmesg.boot might have some clues, or record the console output.

    Might be that you need to set a higher value for nmbclusters or similar. FreeBSD 12, upon which 2.5.0 is based, made a number of changes to the Intel drivers.

  • @jimp

    I had to roll back to 2.4.4 for operational reasons, so I guess the log's gone.

    Not sure what the nmbclusters is you refer to. Under 2.4.4 I never had to do anything: installed software, and all interfaces were recognized.
    Under 2.5 installed software, and the only thing it sees is em0, em1-em5 are like they aren't there.

    I've now switched from using that system to my new MBT-4220 unit. I could try, after that proves stable, to wipe the FW-7535F clean, install pfSense 2.5 on it, and make it available on a public IP address, so you could have a look, if that should be helpful.

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