Squid HTTPS guide

  • Hi all.
    I have tried to do a transparent https proxy setup so all my webpages i visit loads faster.. and my browsing seems faster too. No logging either, i dont need it.

    But when setup, some pages dont load anymore either or they simply lag/stalls alot..
    since allmost all, if not all sites i visit is https, i really need a guide to do it right it seems..

    Im on a allways on a dual loadbalanced VPN connection using cloudflare tls DNS if that matters ?

    does any of you have a nice howto ?


  • Squid is a waste of time unless you're doing URL filtering via squidguard. HTTPS can't really be effectively cached, dynamic content can't be cached, and your feelings of faster Internet are probably imaginary or coincidental. Just get rid of it and all these little glitchy problems will go away.

  • @KOM ok, havent installed it though. but dont want to test if its seems a waste of time.

  • It's a waste of time. Caching is ineffective, and there are better solutions for DNSBL-type functionality, such as pfBlockerNG.

  • @KOM oh, i dont think i explanined properly. I use pfblockerNG with over 4 mio filters.. its a wonderfull setup.

    but since i only mostly visit the same webpages every day, i thought a proxy that is chaching it could be something that could make my browsing experience even faster.

  • That approach would have worked 15-20 years ago. Not anymore. Back when I was also trying to use squid to cache, my effective hit rates were in the area of 3-7%. Not very effective, and not a lot of time or bandwidth saved.

  • @KOM thanks

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