XG-7100 Port based VLAN

  • Good day,

    Just got a XG-7100..

    by default, it's configured as a "switch" for port 2 to 8...

    But, I want to still have port 1 for wan, for 2 to 8 to be removed from that "switch" and use them as invidual nic port

    im trying to find.. but i dont find anything :(

    because, I need to create vlan for port 2, port 3 will have another use..

  • Specs

    Network Interfaces 2x 10GbE Intel x553 SFP+ Ports

    8-port 1Gbps Marvell 88E6190 switch uplinked at 5 Gbps to Intel SoC (2x 2.5 Gbps) for LAN.

  • @chpalmer

    i know that..

    but im trying to find how to have independant ports..

  • Can't change a switch to independent physically.. You would have to use actual VLAN tagging and separate the "interface" (i.e. the switch).

    They cannot be separated into physical ports. Understand? Its not configured as a switch.. It is a switch.

  • I understand..

    but.. under "Switch VLAN", there is a possible configuration:

    ETH1-8 configured as individual network interfaces

    there is also a place where it say I can convert to Port VLAN mode, disabling "802.1q VLAN mode", but doing so kick me out..

    Need to do that because the way I understand, I cant take a port under that "4091 default vlan" and add 3 tagged vlan to it. .

  • Before you do anything to the switch.. make sure one of the SPF interfaces can be used to keep you in.

    Check the link.

  • @chpalmer I dont have any SPF transceiver..

  • I dont have any SPF transceiver..

    I wouldn't change anything until you do. Others here might be comfortable enough with a console to configure it that way but they would have to chime in.

    My desktop here is actually connected to my switch via 10gig fiber.. It was surprising cheap to do.

  • LAYER 8 Netgate

    You should be able to configure the switch as you need as long as you don't change to port VLAN mode (not sure why anyone would want to do this in practice) and don't change the port you are connected to for management.

    You should be able to create a new VLAN, add ports to it, and trunk it up on 9t,10t to a new pfSense VLAN interface.

    This is no different than having a two-port lagg VLAN trunk to a managed switch. Except that you manage the switch in pfSense and the switch/trunk connection are all in the box.

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